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Foundation by Isaac Asimov

Foundation is a trilogy written by American author Isaac Assimov. This trilogy tells the story of a galactic empire that rules for 12 thousand years but is slowly losing its influence. Hari Seldon is a pioneer in psychohistory, a science that can predict the actions of a large group of people. Hari forecasts an upcoming dark age in which all knowledge known to man is lost in barbarism and chaos. The Empire considers him a heretic, yet are very concerned with his prophecy. Hari, along with some of the greatest minds in the Empire, are exiled to the far edges of the galaxy to find ways to preserve knowledge in hopes that people will rebuild after the great fall.

This book is very different from any notable literary novel that makes up the high school literacy curriculum. The foundation trilogy focuses on world building and its related challenges to give a sense of plot, to an extent more than the characterization of the different characters. Whether it be differing philosophies or political debate, this trilogy is a slow burner, reminiscent of oral storytelling. Called unorthodox by scholars and avant-garde by any more, the Foundation Trilogy offers an economic narrative rather than futuristic weapons, social conflicts rather than starship battles, and a timeless story telling with a unique sci-fi concept.

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