College Essays

Yale Supplemental

Prompt: What inspires you? (200 characters, about 35 words)


Flâner–a French term that lacks a direct translation. Language reflects culture and cannot be appreciated without its cultural nuances. I am humbled by the power of the words we do and do not share.

Tips for Writing: 

When you are writing your supplemental essays, it is paramount that you think about which personal characteristics are not reflected in your activities, transcript, and Common Application Essay. You want to sound like a whole and real person, not a machine parroting the same extracurricular activities and awards that the admissions officers already see. Tell your story, but don’t be inauthentic. If you aren’t funny, don’t try to be. Ultimately, you need to portray your narrative through your supplements, reflecting some recurring themes or values throughout your application. Begin early because senior year gets busy; having your common application essay done or at least drafted before the school year begins is extremely important so that you aren’t rushing to throw it together. Before submitting, have your friends and teachers read your essays (or even just first drafts and outlines) to get input from an outside perspective; what type of person is portrayed by your essays?

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