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Lehigh University – Supplement

Prompt: What distinguishes Lehigh to make it the right fit for you? (150-250 words)

Humans are similar to enzymes; each person has a specialized function or ability. The efficiency and reusability of enzymes, despite their small size, inspires me to believe that people can accomplish anything as long as their curiosities guide them.
My AP Biology class gave me an opportunity to conduct many labs and even challenged me to design some of my own. By timing pieces of catalase-coated filter paper to record how many seconds they took to rise to the top of several hydrogen peroxide beakers, I tested whether concentration affected the rate of the enzyme catalase. Carefully planning labs such as this enzyme lab enabled me to apply my knowledge of natural processes.
Due to my lab experiences, Lehigh’s undergraduate research at the Mountaintop campus interests me; I would like to be one of the twelve hundred students who are involved in research projects. I am curious to explore Professor Kathryn Iovine’s Laboratory about the communication shortcomings within cells that cause defects in bone growth and function.
Moreover, the pre-health opportunities and the numerous health-related community service projects that are available prove that Lehigh distinguishes itself as extremely resourceful. I would partake in Lehigh’s EMS squad and continue to volunteer at local hospitals and dental clinics, similar to the activities I am currently involved in.
Lehigh is remarkably similar to enzymes; the professors and education at Lehigh would act as catalysts, increasing the rate of a chemical reaction, or acting as a stimulus to help me expand my interests.

Tips for Writing:
In addition to writing with a length restriction, it was difficult to find something unique about the college to include in order to strengthen the essay. Many of the “why” essays are similar, and sometimes repeating parts over and over again makes them less likable each time. However, by finding something special about the college and including specifics such as professors, courses, or activities, you can show the admissions representatives that you are really interested in the school and took the time and effort to find little details that appeal to you. In addition, it gives them an idea of what you are interested in. I found that using the same introduction and conclusion was helpful in some of my essays, but it was the middle portion with school-specific details that were more of a challenge. In order to overcome this, I spent time looking through the college website and magazines or brochures from that college ahead of time and included that information in my essay.

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