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University of Texas — Supplement

Prompt: Please share how you believe your experiences, perspectives, and/or talents have shaped your ability to contribute to and enrich the learning environment at UT Austin, both in and out of the classroom. Please limit your response to 250-300 words.

Over the past few years, I’ve been a “Homework Helper” for my local elementary school, tutoring local Latin-American children one-on-one in all subject areas. With every individual I help, I always learn something new. 
Every tutoring session is unique, since every student is different: some are outgoing, some are quiet, and some are disruptive. I use notecards to write down successful tactics that work for each student so I can tailor my teaching style to fit every student’s learning style. It is also sometimes difficult for young students to articulate what they are struggling with, or for me to gauge how much information they are actually absorbing. When my students encounter problems, I make sure to only move on to the next problem once the student completely understands the concepts. Instead of rushing them or getting frustrated, I encourage them to first slow down, and give them hints instead of just an answer. Even when students ask me the same questions repeatedly, I help them to think of new ways to solve a problem.
Tutoring has been and continues to be a rewarding experience. I’ve had the opportunity to develop my communication skills and practice how to stay patient when working with kids. Most importantly, I’ve learned how to break down problems and explain complex topics with simplicity. I remain determined to help these students, even when they can’t seem to grasp a certain topic. Since I’ve started tutoring, I’ve learned to express myself to others more clearly, which has prepared me for a successful career in the future.
I hope to bring my passion for teaching to UT Austin, especially through the GirlAdvocates! Program, where I can continue to tutor young girls and inspire them to be successful inside and outside of the classroom.

Tips for Writing:
Share your essay with people you trust. These people know you best and will be able to tell if you are staying authentic within your piece. Make sure you are proofreading your work. Read your essay out loud, and make adjusts to the sentences that sound awkward. Start your essays early! Don’t rush the process. Ask your teachers for help and feedback!

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