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University of Maryland Supplemental

Prompt (University of Maryland) 

Something you might know about me is…(650 characters):


I taught myself ambidexterity. Initially right-hand dominant, I discovered that I had better control in certain tasks using my left hand, like spinning a basketball, using chopsticks, and opening a jar. Inspired by this realization, I embarked on a journey to train myself to become ambidextrous. The ability to seamlessly use both hands became a unique talent, allowing me to surprise teammates and opponents in volleyball when I confidently execute powerful hits with my left hand, even when the ball seems beyond reach. It is a testament to my dedication in acquiring skills that appear natural to some but require intentional effort to develop.

Tips for Writing

  • Brainstorm unique facts that very few to no people have besides you.
  • Choose one that you can be funny/creative about.
  • Think about something that reveals your personality. 
  • Elaborate on how your personal fact affects you or others. 

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