College Essays

Tufts University

Prompt: Which aspects of the Tufts undergraduate experience prompt your application? In short, ‘Why Tufts?’ (100-150 words)

Last summer in DC, I learned to put “sir-up” on pancakes, not “sear-up” and sip “pop,” not “soda.” Likewise, at Tufts, I’m excited to trade my individual lingos of life (and food) with my peers to form a new, common language—the language of Jumbos. With a diverse campus representing 110 nations, Tufts is a bustling microcosm of the world replete with the cultures I want to discover. In a community bonded over differences and similarities alike, I’ll learn as much from my peers outside class as in.

Additionally, Tufts exudes diversity through not only its student body but also its academics. Whether it be requiring ethics courses for Finance minors or developing biology programs focused on social impacts, Tufts values interdisciplinary learning that doesn’t just nurture visionary problem-solvers. It also nurtures thoughtful people. By joining the nearly 170-year-old dialogue created by Tufts, I anticipate becoming a creative and cognizant thinker.

Tips for Writing:
Although  “Why ____” essays can often be centered around the specific traits of that college, it may be helpful to bring in your own experiences and personality, too. You are explaining why you like the school but also why you fit in with the school. Doing in-depth research is valuable. Find out what makes this school unique. The details in your piece should be specific and nuanced so that it is clear that your essay cannot be reused/rehashed for other schools. When discussing multiple aspects that appeal to you (in this piece, student body diversity and interdisciplinary learning), try to weave the different topics together. Establish some logical coherence, so the essay isn’t a conglomeration of disparate ideas. As a whole, your essay should convey a unified theme/message about why you are applying to this college.

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