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George Washington University – Supplement

Prompt: GW encourages students to extend learning beyond the traditional classroom by taking advantage of hands-on learning through service, research, internships, and studying abroad. Describe an experience that transformed the way you view the world and how this perspective prepares you. Please respond to the following essay question in 250 words or fewer.

My sister and I created an organization called “Circle of Giving” in 2013. We buy handmade wooden jewelry from the rural village of Channapatna, India, sell them in India and the U.S., and give proceeds back to the community. This dying craft has been a huge part of my family’s life.
Eager to demonstrate the process behind making their crafts, the Channapatna artisans enthusiastically welcomed us. I watched one man patiently molding a piece of wood into a bracelet, adding the red vegetable dye. Ever so carefully, ever so delicately. I gasped at the work, the beauty. The artisan smiled, and placed the bracelet into my hands, but when I gave him money, he refused. He cared more about the appreciation of his work than the money. At that moment, my perspective on charity changed. I once thought charity meant helping the helpless. But these artisans were not helpless; I realized there was skill and demand.
My grandparents.
My parents.
I would not let the art die.
Looking at the red bracelet, I realized I needed to support the artisans to develop their own economic independence.
That red bracelet has prepared me for pursuing international business and social entrepreneurship at GW. That red bracelet has taught me the value of artisans’ dignity in their work, their beauty. This was my promise to the Channapatna artisans, from the moment I put on that red bracelet.

Tips for Writing:
Hello seniors writing college essays! CONGRATS, YOU MADE IT THIS FAR!!! Here are a couple things you should keep in mind when you are writing your essay: As soon as you the question type/write whatever ideas/words/phrases that comes to your head. When you free flow your essay you don’t filter any ideas out. If you have a “writer’s block” this will help your ideas flow as well. Find your unique “voice”. Find the best way to bring out your personality. This can again be accomplished when you free flow your ideas. DO NOT SAVE THIS ESSAY FOR THE LAST MINUTE. If you have time constraints and don’t give yourself time otherwise creativity will be hard to find. Write your essays in the summer because that is when you are most relaxed. Don’t think about it as an essay but rather a STORY. When you write it as a story it becomes more personal. There is a clear beginning, middle, and end. Helps with organization better. The answer to your question represents the overarching theme. Writing it as a story keeps the readers (college admissions) engaged. Don’t be cliche. Dr. Thorpe will call you out on being cliche. If you aren’t sure if you are cliche get others to edit your work. Cliche makes it less personal and more fake. Don’t be fake. Let a lot of people edit and help you with your essay. Multiple perspective can help you with more ideas. Can help grow your essay. When other people read your essay they can help you fix parts that are confusing/cliche/irrelevant

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