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Brown Supplemental

Prompt (Brown University Supplemental):

If you could teach a class on any one thing, whether academic or otherwise, what would it be? (100 words)


Mythology. As a kid, I loved the eccentricity of the stories and the captivating versions of the world they created. Now, I understand their significance, as an intriguing way of studying our perception of the world. Greco-Roman mythology is often cynical, its gods impulsive and unforgiving. The Hindu myths I read as a child, however, portray gods as benevolent, good always triumphing over evil. Mythology is a testament to the determination of humans to understand the world around them, reminding me how far we’ve come, yet how similar we are to those of the past – fiercely imaginative and ever curious.

Tips for Writing:

For questions like these, they’re looking for what you enjoy, not necessarily what you’re good at—make sure you write about something you can talk about genuinely. I find it helpful to think back to my childhood—the first things I remember enjoying—as I find many of those things are ones that I continue to enjoy even as an adult. Make sure your writer’s voice shines through, as this is their way of getting to know you—make sure it sounds like you!

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