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    This story is dedicated to three girls who made me smile. I do not know your names but I will always remember your kind words and smiles. 
     I was sitting at my lunch table, being the shy person that I am; the table is right next to the wall and mostly hidden from sight. I had already finished my lunch, so I was on my phone listening to music. I was alone. I had no friends to sit with, and I was content with this arrangement. I have always been a loner and did not mind. That day, I was wearing a purple turtleneck, blue jeans and brown snow boots, not anything fancy; the only jewelry I had on was my small round blue earrings. Like I said, I did not stand out, I looked completely average. I noticed three girls walking towards me, one girl had a phone in her hands.
     “Hello, we are doing a Spanish project and we are wondering if you could help up, it will only take a minute”
     One of the girls started speaking me. Being the shy person I am, and not knowing these girls, I manage to stutter out “Sure.” So I put down my phone and stand up. They motion me to follow them and we start to leave the cafeteria. I assumed they are going to ask me questions, that they are doing a survey. I know no spanish, but I want to help the girls with their project.
     “Are you a senior?” One of the girls started speaking me.
     “No,” I shake my head. I was sitting in what was considered the senior section of the cafeteria, so I understand why she thought that.
      “Yes.” I smile a little; my body makes me older than I actually am, and I have been mistaken for a college student on multiple occasions.We exit the cafeteria and the janitors are cleaning the hallway.
     “Let’s go somewhere with less noise,” one of girls said.
     The other girls nodded, and I silently agree. I assumed that they needed to hear my answer to the questions.One of the girls points to a hallway.
     “Let’s go there.” The other girls agree and we walk.
     Once there one the girls point to the wall. “Stand there please.”
      I comply, and the girls stand on the other side of the hallway. The girl with the phone brings it up to her eye level, and I assume that they are going to record my answers. The girls had a big smile on their faces.
     “We have to take pictures of things we think are beautiful, and we think that you are. Can we take a picture of you?”
     Needless to say, I was shocked, but I managed to smile shyly and nod.
     “You have beautiful hair.”
     “Thank you.” Nervously, I played with the bottom of my turtleneck and turned toward the girl with the phone.
      I laughed nervously, “Is this good?”
      They nod and they said, “Thank you!”
      “You can go back to lunch, that is all we needed.”
      Shyly, I nod and walk back to my table. I sit there before I get up and ask to go to the bathroom then, stare at myself in the mirror. I am smiling, and before I know it, I start laughing. I had never felt so happy. It is one thing when a family member says you’re beautiful, but strangers saying it is a completely different experience. Needless to say, for the rest of the school day I had a smile on my face.


  1. Lauren Ellis Reply

    This is an absolutely wonderful story. I completely get the hiding and being okay sitting there on your phone in lunch. That is what I can be like too. It is amazing how one random act of kindness can make you feel great for the rest of the day.

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