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Mr. Stewart’s Art and Showing

Let’s celebrate our very own Mr. Stewart and recognize not only his contribution as a teacher, but also his work as a professional artist.
“I honor a past experience but also create a new place” “Schematic drawings, which represent fact and accuracy, are drawn from memory; memories filled with emotions and inaccurate accounts.”
“My process begins with an awareness of place and the way it is seen, experienced, and remembered. Through photographs and drawings, I study places of personal significance and transience”- Jason M. Stewart

Abstract and Schematic Paintings by Jason M. Stewart: Negotiations of Place at the Monmouth Museum

Jason M. Stewart selected for the NJ Emerging Artists Series at the Monmouth Museum will present his paintings June 2-July 2

For more information can be found here.
More of Mr. Stewart’s Art can be found on his website here.
Some of Mr. Stewart’s work:

8th & Jersey: The Up and Up Synthetic polymer paint on canvas. 48″ x 60″ 2015

Built on Buried Walls Wood, vinyl siding, asphalt shingles, door, and objects. 138″ x 80″ x 132″ 2015

Crucified and Creaky Floors Synthetic polymer paint on canvas. 60″ x 48″ 2015

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