Art Zine Drawing and Painting

Dog Sundae


I am most definitely not an artist and would never contemplate taking an art class. Or so I thought until freshman year. Going into the assignment I had no clue what I was going to do. The idea of the project was to cut out objects using an exacto knife then placing them on top of other objects on a piece of paper to create an image without blank space. Then we would glue the objects down and scan it to the computer to create an “outline” that we would draw onto lightly with a pencil the painting paper. Using the primary colors we were required to mix our own paints to match the original cutouts. Over the course of three months, we would paint the image until it looked like the finished product (as seen in the photo). I was able to create an imaginative world that involved food as the basis and a dog that looked over all his inhabitants. Maybe i’m not as un-artistic as I thought. 

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