What’s It Like Being in Dance I?

To learn more about the Dance I elective course offered at Ridge, I conducted an interview with my friend who is currently taking the class. She answered some questions about the class and what the experience has been like so far. If you are interested in taking a dance course at Ridge, maybe this could help!

1. Why did you choose Dance I as one of your electives this year?

I thought it would be fun, plus I wanted to join a dance ‘family’.

2. What has been your favorite part of the class so far?

Learning the actual dances!

3. What is one new thing that you’ve learned about dance?

I have learned about the elements of dance, like relationships, energy, body, action, space, and time.

4. What styles of dance have you been learning?

We are currently learning Jazz.

5. Do you begin the class with a warm-up? What is your favorite exercise?

Yup! My favorite part is isolations, stretching, and abs.

6. Do you get to choreograph your own pieces? If so, which has been your favorite so far?

No and yes. Student choreography is basically when the student choreographs a dance with no music (yet) based on an element the teacher teaches. I personally don’t enjoy student choreography. But we don’t actually participate in choreographing the actual dance.

7. Do you also learn about dance history?

Yup, we also have a project on it.

8. Would you suggest Dance I to those that have dance experience already, or new dancers?

I would suggest it to those who actually like learning about dance and doing it not just for credits.

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