Ridge Dance Team Wins Again: How School Lockers Brought Home the Gold

At their first competition of the year, the Ridge Dance Hip-Hop Team won at Starbound National Talent Competition. With their phenomenal dance titled, “At the Lockers”, choreographed by Jude Cassion, this team won a high gold in their category and received the second highest score overall.

The hip-hop group includes 10 members out of the 20 member team, with the other 10 dancing on the jazz team. Their dance was inspired by girls getting ready at their lockers for the ensuing school day. However, instead of taking books and papers out of their lockers, these dancers took out their lip gloss. Choreographed to the song, “Lip Gloss”, by Lil Mama, this routine embodies upbeat and vibrant highschool millennials getting ready for the school day… think, Hannah Montana or Mean Girls vibes. The signature move in this dance was the swaying of the dancers’ index finger over their lips to mimic girls applying their lip gloss. This move entertained the audience and set the scene for the cheeky and feisty dance.

With their bright, neon costumes and dazzling energy, the Ridge Dance Hip-Hop Team was able to win their first award of the year, setting themselves up for future wins. 

The team will be competing in a week’s time at another prestigious dance competition, Beyond the Stars. Be sure to look out for updates on this amazing team!

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