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Mindfulness Poem

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The past.

The present

The future.


Everyone says be mindful

To live in the moment

To capture every moment

Of the constant ticking seconds

Passing…  passing…  passing…  passing…


Everyone says be mindful

To live in the moment

To not let the excitement

Or the dreariness

Of the coming future ruin your present


Because what matters is only the present

The present only

That makes us who we are

That shape the memories that make us

That sculpt the actions

That mold the words

That create the thoughts

That make us who we are


The past can be let go of

The future can hold off

Because it is only the present

That gifts us with the reality of our own selves.

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One Response to “Mindfulness Poem”

  1. Mechelle on July 31st, 2017 8:39 pm

    Who wrote this poem? Id love to share and I want to give credit!

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Mindfulness Poem