Creative Writing Student 2020

Days we spent talking and texting on the phone

Til our batteries drained and our phones died.

Those late nights time flew by,

Next thing we knew it was 3 am on a school night.

But little did we know 

Our phones wouldn’t have been the only thing that died.


When one of us drifted,

The other was completely blindsided.

In the halls we would exchange jokes and hello’s

But that’s been replaced, 

with not much more than a weak wave.

I retraced our steps,

Our routes we took from class to class,

From one wing to the next

And up and down the stairs

But it’s not the same.


We once met at the tree,

And shared many memories.

Returning to that tree,

Now I sit alone in the breeze.

We once crossed paths

But now we run in parallel.

You’ve finished writing your chapter,

But I haven’t mine.


I see a different tree has caught your eye—

Missed your call but best believe I got the message

I’ll disappear. 

Two can play at that game.

I’ve watched you move on from the side.

In the end I’m a ghost.

Now you see me, 

now you don’t.