To Love or Not to Love

by Julia Schnarr

Julia Schnarr

To love or not to love,

a path I choose with dismay.

To let the memories of those I love go

or keep warm in my mind during the day.


Youth marks our first encounters,

Those so complicated, so profound.

Those I don’t keep up with, 

those who aren’t around.


Surprising that the mighty earth 

circles- but a dot on an eternal slate.

As many of those alongside I know

live through those same decades of eight.


Deep struggle to contain them all

those faces, I must endure.

Imagine them as they once were,

to the weeping soul may provide a cure.


Boys and men and women and girls,

every specimen a delight.

My favorite creatures toiled in wind

to them, I lose my sight.


Put off, put on, put off again

those thoughts that cross my mind.

The forking path lay consistently beneath,

‘tis no secret, perhaps, thy heart is blind.