Hannah Usadi — Rice University


Third grade Show and Tell: the epitome of anxious excitement. My arms wrapped around my treasure as I narrowly avoided tripping over a tree root. That was close. I could imagine no greater disaster than demolishing the innumerable hours of meticulous building: my Lego creations were my greatest pride. 

While I no longer present Lego projects to my peers, I harbor the same love of building and designing. Be it building rockets with my father, piecing together my desk, or layering paints on a canvas, I have always been drawn to creating. In high school, I’ve become fascinated with the puzzles of physics, converting physical descriptions into solvable mathematical problems.

 I had once thought of art and physics as polar opposites, but I now realize that they they intertwine: imagine the beauty of the rainbow of light refracted through glass, the symmetry of a snowflake, and even the intricate spirals of the universe. A beautiful design, when coupled with physics, develops into product. With the goal of creating beautiful functionality in mind, I hope to study both mechanical engineering and art at Rice.


Tips for Writing: 

  • Think about times in your life when you felt passionate–what were you doing at that moment? 
  • Put the reader in the situation using sensory details 
  • Make sure you write genuinely–your voice will come through stronger