The Lady in the Woods

Lael Keller , Poetry Editor

Blue dreams and the river seems
to flow
Night gleams through a swarm of skeletal trees
a cool breeze whispers words
in the scarce moon glow

A silent fawn born only moments ago
takes a step on it’s own
The lady in the woods steps out with
jagged movements
and sharp twists
Her hair rolls from here to heaven
Her eyes roll into her head
She blends into the Night as a tree
and no keen nighttime owl will ever see
her attack on Night

Skin, bone, a devilish smile—she wears a sheath,
a vail to mask her intentions
Eyes open but she can’t see with white pearls
in those sockets
with blank icicles poking like a child

So many times before she had captured delights
at night

But somehow this time a spark of light prevails…

She’s blinded by and unseen, obscene mutter
from angels in the night
She lurks again but this time her frail fears

A nightingale croons, an owl swoons low—
her heart is caught
The lady sulks back into the depths of shrouded

Tensions ease and streams flow to the seas…
blue dreams turn to tease