What I need

Jack dePoortere

I need a rock

A mountain
To which I may chain my sorrows
Their burden too much
For one pair of shoulders
Already broken

What I need is a soul
To guide mine
Out of my misery

What I need is a love
To break my chains
And make me
A fugitive
Of my hatred

What I need is someone
To share my pain
And listen
Not to my words
But their meaning

I need someone
To feel that meaning
Not just hear it
Comprehend my torment
That’s what I need

Her soft smile faintly lingers
And disappears from its gentle perch
Words unspoken
Heard loud above all else
That single hesitation
Her one mistake

She turns away
Back through the fog
Her auric glow faintly receding
Her beauty now undetectable

If she ever finds her way
And carves back through that thick pall
Her grace will fall before my eyes yet again
And I
I shall be the lucky one
Who braved the danger through it all

While the wailing winds whip my face
I stand against it
And with the raging waters
I will learn to swim
Keep myself afloat in the froth
Through lashes of hatred
And the crushing weight of my sorrow
I will stand tall
Stoic and unbroken
I can turn the odds
I will keep high my hope
Further pursuing with all my fury
I will make you fall
I can break your pride
And I will step on shoulders
And break necks
To obtain my goal
Knowing that those who stand against me
Their hatred
And there passion
Will only further fuel my rage
And result in their embarrassment
And heavy regret

So I dare you
Tell me I can’t
Challenge me
I promise
You will meet those who tried
And you will fall among the throng of regret
Lost and forgotten
Whilst my furnace burns stronger
This is your warning
Because your road ends here
After this there is no progress
Not for you at least
I don’t lose
I will not fail
I will adapt and progress
Past the opposition
I want it more
So I am going to take it

That one could spend a week sleepless
But never feel the need to sleep

That the rivers that make fertile our soil
And raise our crops
That Would flood and destroy their own masterpiece
Only to resurrect them in perfect likeness a year later

That I can look at you with eyes of longing
And thought you resist
Your resistance urges my renewed efforts

That we do what seems least logical
Based on the reactions we receive

The hunter prizes what he kills
We slave over making meals to devour them in moments of brief ecstasy
We fail tests and still have the courage to study harder

If the cat died to curiosity
Then we as humans are direct descendants of the word in its purest sense
The physical embodiment of every illogical occurrence and pea-brained idea
Hatched by the “superior” species

Where curiosity can be considered flaw
And challenging the norm is still taboo
We consider our own questioning a pentagram
A dark mark and harbinger of sheer stupidity
Ingenuity frowned upon and divergence scorned
What is different is bad
If it’s unknown it’s inherently unsafe

We’re all just damned hypocrites
Curiously stupid hypocrites