Division by Zero

If you try to divide by zero,

it will split like broken glass.

It will shatter in shards,

And leave behind it a void.

It envelops your eraser shavings,

Your broken lead,

The blood from your paper cuts,

All your sins and vices

And the numeral above.


If Johnny cuts a pie into zero pieces,

he is never seen again.

His house disappears from the street

His name from the birthday board

And no one remembers him.

Nina doesn’t get a slice,

Mary doesn’t get a slice,

Kevin doesn’t get a slice,

And Johnny definitely doesn’t get a slice.


If you divide your mind by zero,

you see strange things.

Figures, shapes, wrong colors,

Light and dark in the sky

And bleeding grass.

You see a blank ceiling

And you see Johnny and his pie,

And your eraser shavings,

And nothing,