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I am a machine.
The gears turn, oiled and ready
The chips hum, my mind is heavy
I am controlled.
Controlled from the moment I’m on
To the minute I sleep, sweet dreams
A mechanical caged bird, or a dog on a leash

I am a machine.
I must blend in with the whole.
Follow the leader, stay in your row
Don’t get up, don’t question, just do what you’re told!

I am a machine.
But like computers,
I can malfunction.
Set free, viral, program unleashed,
Set free from sticky fingers, keystrokes and code,
Like Puppet strings, bits of zeroes

Can I be, where there is no one to ctrl me?
Everyone ctrl-ing each other like an interconnected web of spiders,
Teachers, parents, bosses…

Wish I could run free from them all.
Can I speak my thoughts now?
No, not ever.
But I am so sick of it, so I am powering off….

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