Defining Kindness

Candace Linton

Kim, age 5

Kindness is when your mommy reads you an extra-long bedtime story,

even if it is way past your bed time

Ivy, age 7

Kindness is when you break your favorite crayon,

but your seat buddy lets you borrow hers

Nathan, age 10

Kindness is when your Grandma makes you a really dorky sweater,

but you wear it anyway to make her happy

Dylan, age 11

When you score the winning goal during a big game,

And the other team shakes you hand and congratulates you

Natalia, age 14

Kindness is when nobody laughs and points during your first audition,

And clap after you hit the last note

Emily, age 17

When you fail your driver’s test,

And the instructor reminds you that there’s time for corrections during the next 2 weeks

Sebastian, age 20

After staying up to study for my final midterm,

there was free coffee in the dining hall

Savannah, age 22

I graduated with high honors,

with the full support and funding from my family and school

Iris, age 25

Finding fresh flowers and a welcoming party at my desk,

On the first day of my new job

Sabrina, age 28

The warm caress of my new mother,

After marrying her son, the love of my life

Carson, age 31

Donating some money around the holidays,

Just to show them I care

Omar, age 37

Family picnic during the summer,

My youngest picks me a handful of weeds

Martha, age 43

Mother’s day,

My children made paper Mache flowers and macaroni slippers

Flynn, age 49

Dropping my son off for his first day of college,

“Thanks for everything” he says

Opel, age 55

Saving the scrape of my sandwich,

And feeding the birds

Rudy, age 66

Sunday morning with my grandchildren

They make breakfast

Ted, age 81

Kindness is comfort