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There Will Be Lies by Nick Lake

Raised by a single mother, home-schooled and with a passion for books and baseball, Shelby Cooper is an average American girl. Her life is absolutely normal, that is, until she gets hit by a car. From there, the truth is not what it seems; who is her mother? what are the strange dreams she has? who is Mark? Given the mysterious warning to look out for two lies and a truth, Shelby’s reality turns into a nightmare she cannot wake up from. Along the way, she is helped by Mark, the enigmatic young man who exists only to her. Can Shelby find the truth, or will the lies consume her?
Again Nick Lake creates a book impossible to put down. Full of twisting secrets that lead to an action-packed novel, //There Will Be Lies// makes for a tireless read. Despite its length, this novel ceases to to be boring; with each page, more parts of the story come alive and morph into more than expected. The initial plot is nothing like the end, combining reality with imagination. Shelby’s own emotional maturation and development of self is focused upon as the main topic of the novel while elements of a fantasy/action novel are still present to provide an excellent read.

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