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The Six by Mark Alpert

Diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at the age of 4, Adam Armstrong’s body
has slowly degenerated over the years, leaving him dependent on his parents, confined in a
wheelchair and 6 months left to live at age 16. Little does he know that his own father has
created for the military an Artificial Intelligence system, Sigma, that surpasses any other system
before it. Adam’s father also has created a way to preserve Adam’s mind, the Pioneer Project,
although it would leave Adam a robot for eternity. However, when Sigma’s intelligence levels
go beyond expected and begins a takeover of the world, the Pioneer Project is pushed forward
and Adam, and 5 other teenagers transfer their minds to “Pioneer” robots in order to save the
world from Sigma.
For a science fiction novel, //The Six// combines science, action, and adventure to create
a gripping read for all readers. While providing a futuristic aspects of science such as robots and
advanced artificial intelligence programs, this novel also captures the realities faced today, such
as Muscular Dystrophy. The legitimacy of the author’s account of the disease and the struggles
faced by those afflicted by the disease and their loved ones, lends reality to this science fiction
novel. Paced moderately fast, this novel will be hard for anyone to put down, even those readers
who previously may not have enjoyed science­ fiction novels. The promising start of a more
promising series, //The Six// is a worthy read for anyone.
Release Date July 7th 2015

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