The Devil's Quill


Henry Monk, Co-President

March 2, 2017

Nightshade, that’s it, Although our time was hardly perennial, Always either an addictive tobacco Or a belladonna with poison venial

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Michelle Modugno 11th grade

February 15, 2017

Don't get too comfortable. Even when he murmurs I love you In his sleep And when your head seems to fit perfectly in the space under his chin   Whenever a gush of wind that kisses your ear feels like his lip...


Madeleine Oliver, Co-President

February 1, 2017

I wish I could write you into love with me Create constellations of words for you to gaze at while you contemplate my beauty Write a garden of punctuation for you to wander in, picking a bouquet of the flowers that remind...



January 13, 2017

Ridge's Lit and Art Zine