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Review of the movie Passengers

The movie Passengers directed by Morten Tyldum and released on December 21st, 2016 was portrayed as a gripping, futuristic movie about space travel and the unavoidable complications that go along with it. The plot starts with showing you the ship the two stars of the movie, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, are on. The ship is called Starship Avalon and is on a 120 year long trip from Earth to a new planet known as the Homestead Colony. The Avalon is transporting roughly 5,000 people, who have all been put into “hibernation” or a deep sleep that preserves their body for the entirety of the trip. A meteor hits the shield of the ship causing Chris Pratt’s character, Jim Preston to wake up 90 years early. After a few more complications Jennifer Lawrence’s character, Aurora Lane is also woken 90 years early. After accepting the fact that the rest of their lives will have to be lived out on the ship, they start a relationship with each other: half out of infatuation, half out of the fact that they are the only two people there, besides the droids. With relationships come lies, and it doesn’t work out with the two for a while, but they are reconciled when, that’s right, more complications.
The plot of the movie sounds like a thrill ride, but the movie itself is the complete opposite. The movie had a slow moving pace that didn’t pick up until the very end, which by the way, seemed a little unrealistic. While the performances in “Passengers” were believable, and the chemistry between the actors was convincing, the movie just needed a little more to make it work. That might be the reason it got a 31% on Rotten tomatoes.   

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  1. Claire Jones Reply

    This is a great review! When I first heard of this movie I thought it sounded really creepy and horrible that Chris Pratt’s character woke up Jennifer Lawrence’s character early and without her consent, thus dooming her to live the rest of her days alone on the ship with only this one other man, a pretty terrible fate. That’s why I didn’t see it, and your review definitely makes me think I made the right decision.

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