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Emancipated by M.G. Reyes

A motley crew of six emancipated teenagers living together in one house is a recipe for
drama, drama, and more drama. Surprisingly, the six get along and manage to run their
independent household successfully, at least for a time. Little do they know, one of their
housemates is a spy, another, a potential murder suspect. When the harsh light of reality breaks
into their false freedom and the most innocent becomes the number one suspect in a murder case,
everyone’s hidden truths come out. Who really is innocent and is anyone really who they say
they are? The first installment in a promising series, //Emancipated// is an engaging read for any
The plot of this YA novel is unique; the “puzzle” and the direction every twist takes
engages the reader fully, leaving very few dull moments. While the pace of the read is a bit on
the slower side, this novel promises to pick up speed in a future sequel. As for the situation
Reyes puts the characters in, emancipation from their parents, it seems almost too good to be
true; for those readers who enjoy dramatic, almost television­ like plots, //Emancipated// is a
perfect read.

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