The Devil's Quill


October 12, 2020

There’s a moment when you realize that the best feeling you will ever have won’t last forever. The shot of joy inside your head and arms that gets you sky high. It’s only a moment, so you try to drag it out for as long ...

To Love or Not to Love

Julia Schnarr

February 3, 2020

To love or not to love, a path I choose with dismay. To let the memories of those I love go or keep warm in my mind during the day.   Youth marks our first encounters, Those so complicated, so profound. Those I don’...


Julia Schnarr

December 2, 2019

Black street blue Bentley steady pace eerie night. Small bump cross roads trees stand upright. Slow down keep parked glow red  then green. Rain falls down window large car unseen. Speed up cause panic swerve left ...

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