The Devil's Quill

the volcanic belt of Vesuvius

Alexa Becker, Poetry Editor

January 31, 2018

there’s no cross on my wall only a nail waiting for a purpose keeps the feet moving don’t wonder what it is lest you make waves

she is not watching

Alexa Becker, Poetry Editor

December 12, 2017

everything is slow tiptoeing around myself (the tea steeps the dog sighs the floor groans the fruit ripens and rots perpetually atop the counter) your scent hits me from another life that i’ve molded out of stiff,...

the human carcinogen

Alexa Becker, Poetry Editor

February 8, 2017

you’re not the 7 of hearts you’re the King of Clubs, you’d fit with a royal flush but I’ve never been lucky enough to hold that

to get God’s blessings/daily prayer, press *10

Alexa Becker, Poetry Editor

January 23, 2017

your laughter travels through the cabin warm and echoing but the train is empty

A Field of Chamomile

Angela Huang

December 21, 2016

Maybe it’ll be the same, an unchanging painting lasting in my head only getting worn out but not different. Like Mona Lisa in her tiny case, suffocating and tired from the flickering lights and the constant eyes staring.

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