Bryan Liu

What is it like to fear?

What is it like to trust?

Why are you there? 

Just leave me be.


Isn’t it funny how they sort us into boxes?

Making innovation 



like molasses 

Together we’re compressed under the stress of success

Buckling strain and 

twisting with pressure, I’m sure. We gotta make it out of here

And it turns out I’m the evil, encouraging incompetence boxing it up like cheerios 

I hate it but it’s true it’s corruption central, cutting class only once but now it’s terminal


Who cares anyway, right is what the people say 

never learning through harm progress is the other way 

Walking the honeysuckle roads everyday

By the time we wake up under September and the Novocaine

But when the drugs fade away and your friends never stay 

Still you should find reasons to live 

another day