Ridge Homecoming: A Tantalizing Tradition

Dhristi Raval

On October 12th, Ridge High hosted yet another eventful and exciting Homecoming dance. The dance featured people from every grade level, thrilling music, and even a fancy photo booth! Many Ridge students attend to simply have a good time, but very few actually take the time to understand the tradition itself. 

Homecoming has been a tradition in the United States since the 19th century. Schools such as Baylor, Southwestern, Illinois, and Missouri have all claimed to have held the first modern homecoming. Popular traditions at Ridge High School that have been around for decades include Homecoming Court, Tailgate, dress-up days, pep rallies, a marching band performance, and the homecoming dance itself. 

This year, Ridge High School’s Homecoming Court consisted of a great variety of representatives, including cheerleaders, marching band students, drama kids, and football players. At the pep rally, these students all received the opportunity to bond during the relay race and the football game. This tradition was effective in bringing together people from various clubs and teams at Ridge, while simultaneously encouraging healthy competition and stimulating team spirit. 

Moreover, seniors participated in the Tailgate on the day of the Homecoming football game. Delicious meals and drinks were served, including veggie burgers, Macaroni and Cheese, and many soda flavors. The theme was “pink-out”, so students dressed in pink from head to toe in order to raise awareness for breast cancer. During the tailgate, seniors were able to anticipate the football game and enjoy listening to music with their beloved friends. 

In the week prior to the Homecoming Dance, the student body participated in dress-up days to encourage school spirit. On Monday, we all displayed our patriotism by covering up in red, white, and blue. On Tuesday, we showed off our flashy tie-dye, creating a colorful school aesthetic. After taking the day off on Wednesday, we all came back to celebrate throwback Thursday! Finally, the seniors wore their Senior Shirts on Friday and took a breathtaking picture on the football field. 

At the Ridge Pep Rally, John Tondora utilized various puns to get the crown excited. The event featured relay races with members of the Homecoming Court and Ridge sports teams. Throughout the event, the marching band played peppy music. The event also featured wonderful performances from our own Cheer Team and Dance Team. The student body also voted on a few specific teachers to pie, an event that was quite exciting for many! Lastly, there were games of Tug of War that really kept everybody on their toes! Overall, the student government and teachers did a great job planning events that made the pep rally an astounding success. 

At the exciting football game, the marching band put on a fantastic performance. The Color Guard proudly waved their flags in the air, the drumline played enticing beats, and the rest of the band played and marched to success! The student section was in awe of the performance. 

Finally, it was time for the Homecoming Dance. People across grade levels all came together to enjoy dancing, talking, and taking photos in the photo booth. The atmosphere mimicked that of the movies, where friends all came together to celebrate our school. It was a night full of fancy dresses, poised suits, and a load of laughs. Homecoming Queen Dhristi Raval and Homecoming King Austin Segal kicked things off with a slow dance, prompting a night filled with dancing, laughing, and singing. Overall, Homecoming is an incredible tradition that enables our whole school to bond: one that Ridge does not take for granted.