The Ridge Marching Band Experience

Dhristi Raval

Imagine such a cacophony of noise emanating from a beautifully scintillating football field: mist in the air, cheerleaders giggling on the sidelines, football players huddling on the track, the smell of fresh popcorn lingering in the air, and dominating it all, the marching band frantically tuning their instruments for the upcoming half-time show. This was my scene on every single Friday autumn night. As I stand for the National Anthem and proudly raise my flute for the Star Spangled Banner for the grand flag and anticipating crowd, I remember how grateful I am to be part of a team. Four years of marching band has helped me improve myself in the athletic, musical, and performance spheres. By dedicating 20 hours a week to this activity, I have learned discipline, strength, and comradery. Despite the grueling long hours, excessive heat, and strict coaching, our aspirations keep us motivated. In marching band, every single participant must put aside their differences and dedicate themselves to a larger purpose: creating the most mesmerizing show possible. Through marching band, I have learned to work with different types of people and unite with them over a common goal. I now know that my experience in the marching band is not defined by our competitive success or the trophies in the band room, but rather by the memories we’ve made and laughs we’ve shared. No matter how many competitions or football games we win at the end, we are still a family- a family of noisy friends.