Championship Round Of Literary Hero or Heroine March Madness: Vote here!


Claire Jones, Media Center Section Editor

Championship Round!!!!

Vote for your choice here!

In recognition of the NCAA’s March Madness, the Media Center will conduct its own March Madness contest to determine Ridge High School’s favorite literary hero or heroine! Come to the Media Center to cast your ballot each week, or vote online here on The Devil’s Quill , now through the end of March. Your first vote will be used to compile a “Sweet Sixteen” list of Ridge High School’s favorites. Then, continue to vote each round to ensure that your heroes make it to the final. There will be weekly drawings for prizes throughout the month of March as we move towards the final round of voting. Voting during each round will increase your chances of winning the final prize, a $20.00 Amazon gift card. Visit the Media Center or check back here on The Devil’s Quill to see how your favorites are progressing!

VVote electronically Here now through the end of March.



Voting Schedule:

March 6 – March 9: Sweet Sixteen

March 10 – March 16: Elite Eight

March 17 – March 23: Final Four

March 24 – March 30: Final Round

March 31: Winner Announced!