Media Center’s First Contest of the New Year:

Places of Imagination


Where will your reading take you in 2017? 

The Media Center is conducting its’ first contest of the New Year: match a famous imaginary place or home to the book that created it.

The entry with the most correct answers wins a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card.

Entry forms can be picked up in the Media Center between now and the end of the month.  Good luck!

Places of the Imagination

Some of the most beloved places and homes we know were actually the figment of our favorite author’s vivid imaginations. Can you guess the book that corresponds to each place?


1.  Narnia 21.  Cairnholm Island
2.  Pemberley 22.  District 10
3.  Hogwarts 23.  Hogsmeade
4.  Neverland 24. Camp Half Blood
5.  Middle-earth 25. Culver Creek Boarding School
6.  Battle School 26.  West Egg
7.  Avonlea 27.  Injun Joe’s Cave
8.  Camp Green Lake 28.  Tara
9.  Emerald City 29.  4 Privet Lane
10.  Godric’s Hollow 30.  A Tesseract
11.  Minas Tirith 31.  Herot
12.  Wonderland 32.  Elsinore Castle
13.  Alagaësia 33.  Satis House
14.  Panem 34.  Bag End
15.  Diagon Alley 35.  Manderley
16.  The Glade 36.  Misselthwaite Manor
17.  Thornfield Hall 37.  The Hundred Acre Wood
18.  Twelve Oaks 38.  Wayne Manor
19.  221B Baker Street 39.  The Shire
20.  Avengers Mansion 40.  Who-ville