Media Center Announces “2017 Reading Challenge”


Some awesome suggestions!

In 2017, think about challenging yourself to read:

  • A book recommended by a Librarian
  • A book that’s been on your TBR list for awhile
  • A book of letters/correspondances
  • A book by a person of color
  • A book with one of the four seasons in the title
  • A book with multiple authors
  • An espionage thriller
  • A book by an author who uses a pseudonym
  • A book set in the wilderness
  • A steampunk novel
  • A book from a nonhuman perspective
  • A book with college advise
  • A book about food
  • A book involving a mythical creature
  • A book with a cat on the cover
  • A bestseller from a genre you don’t normally read
  • A book involving travel
  • A book you’ve read before that never failed to make you smile
  • A book you loved as a child
  • A bestseller from 2016
  • A book that takes place over a character’s life span
  • A book with an eccentric character
  • A book about a difficult subject
  • A book about an immigrant
  • A book that’s been mentioned in another book
  • A book from a genre/subgenre that you’ve never heard of

Check out the central display in Ridge’s Media Center for title suggestions!