Thanksgiving means more

Jasmine Mathai, Editor

Jasmine Mathai

A month later, but a much needed month, for many reasons. But, more importantly, with Thanksgiving being the kick off to the holiday season, this long month gave me a new appreciation for the holiday we know as Thanksgiving and reminded me why its so important to me, and to others, who take the time to really use it a time to be thankful.

Thanksgiving started as a celebration by the Pilgrims after their first harvest in the New World. Quoted from the Plimoth Plantation Organization Website, “In 1621, when their labors were rewarded with a bountiful harvest after a year of sickness and scarcity, the Pilgrims gave thanks to God and celebrated His bounty in the Harvest Home tradition with feasting and sport. To these people of strong Christian faith, this was not merely a revel; it was also a joyous outpouring of gratitude.”

To this, we now use this holiday to facilitate gratitude and become aware of all the special things in our life, that we normally take for granted. While, that may not have been what the intention of the feast, first was, I am very happy and appreciative that this is how we use the day now. It’s really easy to say that you are grateful for everything and appreciative for all that has happened for you this year, but it’s also just as easy to forget about the little things.

Especially being a senior this year, it meant more to remember what I’m grateful for and the really truly appreciate all the good things in my life, the opportunities I’ve been given, and decisions from colleges that will help me find my next path in college. In the heat of the moment, things can either go good or bad, so it can be hard to just accept and be thankful for whatever the decision might be, but when it’s all over, it tends to be a lot easier to accept the outcome. My plan for the coming year is to become better at accepting what’s happening and being thankful for all that I have or will learn. I am thankful for all that 2018 has brought me and I am excited for what 2019 will bring.