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The Meaning Of Truth

Logan Aviles

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The world as it is in truth stands beyond humanity. “Truth,” as it has been understood historically, does not denote something objective and absolute, something that qualifies as par excellence real, but rather an emotion, a sense of security and confidence that resides in every conviction. We humans forever operate outside the world of objective and “real” things, every experience and memory is essentially a semblance, a biased interpretation of reality. Humanity can only truly live and function within a world concerning subjective interests and rationally baseless values, and in the end, truly, that world must become our “real;” we must care for appearance — It is the only thing of relevance to us, because it is the only thing that we can posit as being relevant. Everything then must be taken as it appears to us, it must remain as it appears to us, how it appears must be the ultimate “truth.” If we understand a human as an animal, it may finally come upon us that everything we see corresponds very directly to our psychological composition, and that all of our reasoning is premised — at its very base — not in further logic and reasoning but in the innumerable prejudices and offenses to objectivity that we, as animals, produce in response to our strengths, vulnerabilities, desires, and fears. The end to which this paragraph is aimed: to eliminate another prejudice from the fold.

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The Meaning Of Truth