Curiosity Leads You to It #2

Jasmine Mathai , Blogger

When you ask someone what’s something they’ve always wondered about or in my case, what’s a life question you have that you want answered in your lifetime, you would expect that people would have a response and you wouldn’t have to pry for responses? But, sometimes smart people shock you. Maybe, they’ve got their life soo figured out that they really don’t have any life questions, but I refuse to believe that. I was determined to find something and when I did, I was kinda surprised by the answer. I knew this person to be smart and interested in the world, but when I got the entirety, I really happy, there are people in the world that care about things outside the bubble they live in.

Nonetheless, those that are smart still wonder about what their life will hold in store for them and where they will end up. No one ever knows for sure, yea, you can have a 5 year plan, you could have a 10 year plan for all you want. Who’s to say that those plans are never going to change. Life happens and comes along and changes everything, nothing EVER goes as it’s supposed to. I guess that’s why so many people ask themselves this question.

I’ve known of this person since I was in 1st grade, he’s a year older than me, I’ve finally gotten to know this person this year, a couple months before he graduates and goes off the American University in D.C. Anyone who knows him knows he’s off to do crazy amazing things. He’s just one of those people, kind, intelligent and easy to talk to, so from there I decided to ask a little bit, see what I could figure out that answers this question at least for this person.

After asking questions and trying to learn about who this person is, and what makes them who they are,  I learned 2 things that I think help answer this question, they are curious, they found what they liked and ran with it. The french teacher I’ve had for the past two years told us to be curious, to want to learn about the world around us, that it would help lead us, we would take what we learned through being curious about other cultures and lifestyles to motivate us, and bring us to what we’re meant to be. Working backwards, this makes his liking for history make sense, we are curious as per why certain actions were taken, why one person was elected over another.

As I look back at the question, the pieces start to fall into place. In college he wants to major in International Studies and Arabic, post college, maybe getting a job in DC or doing something better. What stays the same is that his curiosity will lead him to working hard, harder than here at Ridge, and who knows, maybe that’s how he’s gonna know what his future will hold in store for him. He’ll go where his curiosity leads.

As far as your immediate future, you know where you’re going and what you want to study, which is pretty good. You know that high school was hard work, whether or not you put in the work, that’s on you, but college is ever harder. You worked hard to get into college, but you’re gonna have to be pretty committed if you want to make your dreams and life goals come true.

Be productive but stay curious! Not only will madame be extremely proud but it will lead you to the greater things in life – the things that will make you happy and you’ll learn about things you would’ve never intentionally tried to find.