Pawn In the Greater Plan #1


Jasmine Mathai , Blogger

When you ask someone what’s a life question that they want to have answered some time in their lifetime, you really could receive a WIDE variety of responses. One response someone gave me was, “ What are humans purpose on earth (are we just a blip in time or are we part of a greater purpose that we do not know, religious or not)?” It got me thinking, this is actually something people wonder about A LOT, I know it’s definitely something I’ve thought about.

When I asked him to elaborate, the evidence shown to support the point he had made was amazing, it made miracles and life altering aspects of human nature, real. He said his mom was super religious, so he wondered if we are here as a pawn of God, where he’s the one that’s all knowing and he knows the plan for our life, does he live through all of us and we are here to carry out the plan he has created, is that what’s is supposed to be? He was also skeptical to the whole idea, however, isn’t that how it all started, even at the beginning with Jesus’ disciples, they were extremely skeptical about following this person, and believing that this person knew the future and what was coming, so this isn’t a new idea, but it is a new topic to be talking about.

Naturally, I would want to know his thoughts about the whole thing, that’s the point of this, right? So I asked, I was a little surprised by the answer to the question – never would’ve expected this, but I guess God has a funny way of getting you to look at people in a new way, and actually attempt to know them and understand them. He told me that the things that couldn’t be explained by ghosts or that realm, led him to believe that there was probably an afterlife after you die, and those unexplainable miracles were probably in God’s control and that he knew what he was doing. For a second, that made no sense to me, but like a normal person, he explained what he meant “with evidence”, and that’s what tied it all together, but I guess, you should probably know the evidence for it to make sense, right?

Here goes … “One day at church at a service of about 300 people, at the end the pastor asked anybody who had an ailment or a something that troubled them to come up and receive prayer, and a bunch of people went up”, that’s seems normal enough, here’s the fun part, “one girl had a food allergy that day, the next day she was going to be tested, and that allergy was nowhere to be seen, and it wasn’t just her, a boy who was in a wheelchair one day was walking around the following morning”, these people were lucky enough to experience this sort of supernatural event, at least that’s how some people would describe it, and they are certainly too crazy to be coincidences. There has to be some greater entity that knows what’s going on in this world, for a lot of people we chose that greater being to be God. Why? Because all the other possibilities scare us.

Knowing that this was a life question that someone wanted the answer to makes it all the more real, we’re growing up and we want to know how the world we live in works, good or bad. We just want to know the answers, eventually! From personal experience, I have learned one thing, or at least one thing so far, you could endure a great loss or a tragedy, life’s always going to test you. No matter how much loss or struggle you face, life has a way of working itself out in the sense that you find out who you can actually count on, who will be there for you, and who won’t try to change you – all that psychoanalytic stuff we want to know the answer to.