A Running List of Pillow Talk Conversation Ideas :

Kendall Kalustyan, Vice President

1. Social security is incredibly underfunded and millennials will pay a crushing amount in taxes on top of student loans, yet don’t have the motivation to put down Pokemon Go and vote for candidates that will help them with this.

2. America has one of the largest mass incarceration rates that disproportionately affects poor people of color.

3. Toxic masculinity is directly proportional to the number of shootings this country faces.

4. Also white people never get blamed for shootings.

5. Donald Trump is president and impeachment isn’t even a better option because have you seen Mike Pence?

6. Net neutrality is basically non existent and it seems like Bernie Sanders is the only politician that cares about that, which incidentally is not shocking.

7. Scott Pruitt, who believes Global Warming is a Chinese hoax is now president of the EPA.

8. Russian oligarchs are funneling enormous amounts of money into American elections through 527’s and 501C’s because Putin’s favorite pastime is messing with global democracies.

9. Ted Kennedy left a girl at the bottom of a lake but maintained a seat in congress to last him a long career.

10. Margaret Atwood is becoming dangerously close to being a non fiction author.